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Free Case Evaluation  //  Mason County

Free Bankruptcy Consultation Shelton WashingtonHiring a bankruptcy attorney in Washington State involves considering their level of experience, number of years in practice, and many other factors. Having helped many of your neighbors in Shelton with their bankruptcy cases, we can confidently say our free case evaluation will help you determine we have a large amount of experience on the subject of Bankruptcy in Washington.

Whether you think Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right because it allows you to discharge nearly all debts and start clean. Or whether you want to create a monthly payment plan through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and be debt free within three to five years. The offices of Erin M. Lane can help you answer the many questions, clear any misconceptions, and make your process as simple as possible.

Take advantage of this free case evaluation today, we know how difficult and frustrating it can be to find a Law Firm with so many to choose from. Call the offices of Erin M. Lane at (360) 753-5353 to find out exactly what a free case evaluation entails.

We strive to give great value to all our clients, dealing with countless creditors and piling overdue notices is hard enough. Bankruptcy might be the answer to dealing with the crushing debt over your shoulders.